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Vintruvian Wines

Caii de la Letea - Princeps - Aligoté

Caii de la Letea - Princeps - Aligoté

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White | Dry

It comes from grapes grown on north-facing plots, very close to the Danube and the Lower Delta, which enhance the sensation of minerality and the precision of aromas. Fresh, crisp, it features the taste of white fruits, sour cherries, apples underscored by a discreet vegetal note. Aligote Princeps is an elegant, balanced wine with a medium finish. The color is a pale yellow with greenish reflections, shining. Aromatic notes of citrus, vine flowers, and quince.

Gastronomic pairings: Pairs well with seafood and fish dishes, white meat, and fresh, unmatured cheeses.

Quality: DOC-CMD Sarica Niculițel
Alcohol: 13% vol.
Optimal serving temperature: 10-12°C

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