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Vintruvian Wines

Crama DeMatei - Migala - Rosé

Crama DeMatei - Migala - Rosé

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Cabernet Sauvignon & Pinot Noir & Fetească Neagră

With a wild salmon color, a delicate nose with notes of Japanese cherry blossoms and freesias, raspberry, pomelo, nectarines, and Mediterranean herbs, this wine has a medium finish with a beautiful lingering sweetness of strawberries.

Gastronomic Pairings:
It pairs well with French appetizers, elaborate salads, stuffed pike, and also with cottage cheese and raisin pie.

Type: Rosé
Sweetness Level: Dry
Quality: DOC-CMD Dealu Mare
Alcohol: 13% vol. alc.
Optimal Serving Temperature: 10°C
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