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Vintruvian Wines

Epiphanie - Fetească Neagră

Epiphanie - Fetească Neagră

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This Fetescă Neagră red wine captivates with its aromatic medley of black forest fruits, dried plum, and subtle hints of spices and coffee. On the palate, it unfolds as a full-bodied experience, showcasing firm tannins and a dominant jammy character that lingers on the lips, surprising with a touch of unexpected sweetness for a dry wine.

For optimal enjoyment, allow it to breathe for 45 minutes before indulging. This wine pairs harmoniously with robust fare such as large game dishes adorned with fur, mature cheeses featuring noble mold, and dark chocolate desserts infused with forest fruits.

Type of wine: Red, sec

Quality: DOC-CMD Sarica - Niculitel
Alcohol: 14.9% vol.
Optimal consumption temperature: 17-18°C

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