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Caii de la Letea - Volume II - Aligoté

Caii de la Letea - Volume II - Aligoté

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Aligoté takes center stage in the Niculițel vineyard, and this wine proudly showcases its unique character. A bouquet of vegetable fragrances, reminiscent of freshly mowed grass and moist soil, greets the senses. The taste unfolds with the balance of ripe white fruits and green apples, harmonized by a high natural acidity. The finish reveals notes of citrus, wormwood, and chicory, completing a well-balanced wine that overflows with freshness.

Balkan IWCF: Gold (2022)🥇
LWC: Gold (2023)🥇

Type of wine: White, dry
Quality: DOC-CMD Sarica-Niculițel
Alcohol: 13% alc. vol.
Ideal serving temperature: 8-10 °

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It can be served with fish and seafood-based dishes, as well as young cheeses. It also serves as an
excellent appetizer due to its high acidity

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