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Vintruvian Wines

Crama DeMatei - Patima - Fetească Neagră

Crama DeMatei - Patima - Fetească Neagră

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Patima după Matei encapsulates an enduring love for nature, living beings, traditions, and the meticulous care we invest in every plot. It mirrors the symbiotic relationship between the land we cultivate daily and the grapes that embody the essence of this place.

Production Area:

  • Area: Dealu Mare
  • Quality: DOC-CMD

Gilbert & Gaillard: Gold (2023)🥇
Wine Lovers Awards: Gold (2023)🥇
Selections Mondiales des vins Canada: Top 50 (2023)🏆
Selections Mondiales des vins Canada: Grand Gold (2023)🏆

Relief: The plantations lie in the northern part of the Dealu Mare vineyard, characterized by hilly terrain. Fetească Albă vineyards are positioned at the base of the hill on a gently sloping incline ranging from 5-15 degrees. The altitude of Fetească Albă plantations varies between 80-100 meters. The southeastern exposure, predominantly facing south, contributes to the unique characteristics of the terrain.


  • Average Annual Temperature: 12.6 °C
  • Average Summer Temperature: 23.8 °C
  • Average Winter Temperature: 0.3 °C
  • Annual Rainfall: 500 - 550 mm
  • Vegetation Period: 190-200 days
  • Annual Sunstroke: 1,500 - 1,650 hours
  • Precipitation during Vegetation: 350-400 mm

The temperate-continental climate exhibits features of the transition zone from steppe to forest-steppe. Winters are cold with abrupt temperature fluctuations due to cold air invasions from the north-northeast. Summers experience a high frequency of hot days, particularly in July-August, with an extended period beyond the calendar's boundaries, at the expense of spring.

Soil: The soil is characterized by brown, non-carbonate clay loam. Its texture is clay-sandy, with a 30-32% clay content, enhancing water retention capacity—an advantageous feature in dry years.

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